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Thuong Dinh Footwear Company was estabilished 1975, specialzed in producing Cavans shoes, Sport shoes an various sandals. The company acknowledged and rewarded many noble titles from Government and State such as: Fist, Second and Third class Labor Medals; Third class Resistance war Medal; Second and Third Independence medal...

Since 1998, the company has applied successfully ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System. With more than 2000 personnel and staffs, 7 moderm production lines, computerrized embroidering machines, 3D sampling design center, a laboratory for analyzing product mechanics. In 2005, the company expanded ist manufacturing by establishing another new factory that produces mainly leather and export sport shoes in Dong Vawn industrial zone in Ha Nam province. Production capacity has reached 5.5 million pairs per year in which 2.5 million pairs are export shoes and 3 million pairs are sold inland.

Major export markets are countries belonging to EU group (holding 80% yield of export shoes) and other countries are Mexico, America, Australia, Japan and some ASEAN countries.

Besides export markets, the company also holds a large market share in Vietnam, products have appeared all over the country, demanding services like Sport, mountain climbing, picnic, labor safety, fashion shoes... Years and years, Thuong Dinh cavas shoes have been certifiel into TOPTEN for Vietnamese consumer goods, high quality Vietnamese goods and obtained gold medal for quality. Thuong Dinh Footwear Company’s trademark has been admitted famously for the whole nation and obtained Vietnam famous and strong brandname.




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Thuongdinhfootwear Company

Official address: 277 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

Tel: (84-4) 8544312 / 8544680

Fax: (84-4) 8582063



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